Survey Scripting

Questionnaire and survey scripting

The team at Opinion Compare are experts when it comes to scripting and programming online surveys.  Pioneers in the field, the team uses innovative technology, proven sampling methodologies and operational excellence to facilitate an ease of experience for survey participants while delivering sophisticated techniques for clients.  We pride ourselves on survey engagement, design led interfaces and the ability to deliver across multiple platforms.

Good survey scripting is a science that involves asking questions in an unbiased way so that they give reliable data to analyse.  The objectives in designing good online surveys are to get high response levels (i.e. maximum number of respondents submitting a survey) and to collect reliable and accurate data. 

Online scripting best practice

To generate high response rates you need to give the respondents a good reason to complete the survey and submit the data – at Opinion Compare we utilise a point’s based system which is then redeemed for gift cards at major NZ retailers.  When scripting surveys that are not completed by Opinion Compare users we use incentives like prize draws, getting access to the results, making a donation to a specified charity for each response given, or other defined benefits. 

The possibilities of the online environment also assists our survey designers to build surveys that are much more interactive, interesting and fun to complete, something which paper and telephone surveys cannot match.  The online environment allows us to use images, multimedia (audio and video), ranking questions, dynamic answer lists in matrix questions, and sliders to make the survey visually interesting. 

We are very conscious that good data comes only through well thought-out questions. If questions are compulsory and the respondent doesn’t have an opinion or answer at hand, they may well become frustrated and either drop out or give you incorrect data. Missing an option on a commonly used list (e.g. leaving out a region in a location question) can unsettle respondents and undermine confidence in the data set.

The team at Opinion Compare have designed and scripted thousands of surveys for hundreds of clients, honing our skills with real world experience and results to ensure that our online surveys have high completion rates and excellent data reliability.


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