Qualitative Research

Sometimes you need more detail than just the raw data and numbers and that is where the Opinion Compare qualitative research solutions can help.  By creating an in depth relationship and understanding with our members, by treating them as people not as numbers, we are able to discuss issues of note, interact with them and generally let them enjoy giving their thoughts and opinions.  They are paid well for their time and in return we ask for their considered thoughts and honest feedback. All so that you can get the highest quality data that you can trust. 

Qualitative Solutions

We love a chat. As well as continually engaging our members in discussions on the community platform, we can tailor conversations with your needs in mind. Qualitative research generally involves much smaller numbers of members but you gain richness through the level of detail and complexity of what is being communicated.

We know that research isn’t a one size fits all approach so let us know what your needs are and we’ll tailor the best approach to give you the insight you seek. 


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