Omnibus Survey

Opinion Compare — NZ Omnibus Survey

Sometimes a full research study can’t be justified; budgets and timings are being stretched more than ever. If you want to get the quickest response to just a few research questions, the Opinion Compare omnibus will give you the answers that you need.

500 Kiwis are ready and waiting to answer your burning questions. There is no faster or better value for money way to reach a nationally representative* sample of New Zealanders and because we run this regularly you’ll have the peace of mind that results are with you when you need them.  


Why our Omnibus Survey is perfect for you

Get results fast. There’s no quicker way to get research done.  Opinion Compare members take our surveys day or night, wherever they are, on all types of devices. 

Got images, videos or other multimedia content that you want to test? Not a problem for us. Being online, our software allows all media types to be reviewed. Ask us about our ‘video sentiment tracker’ or our ‘heat mapper’ tools and see examples of what these look like below  (IMAGES COMING SOON).

Want to test questions of a sensitive nature? Taking surveys in the privacy of their own surroundings, online participants are more honest and open with topics that they might otherwise not like to discuss face to face with an interviewer. So rest assured that respondents are providing you their honest answers. 


What do I get back?

Delivered exactly when we’ve promised, you’ll receive an Excel file of aggregated data with key demographic data appended. We’ll also produce basic tables, again delivered via Excel with all questions you’ve added plus demographic data. Need anything else or not a big fan of data and Excel spreadsheets? Just let us know when you book the questions and we’ll work to accommodate your needs. 


What now? 

To book questions or to get any more information from us (including costs which are charged on a per question basis), just click on the link below and a member of Opinion Compare will be in touch. While the survey is conducted online, we still believe that contacting you via phone is still the best way to ensure that we’re clear with what you need and you’re clear on what you’ll get. 

NZ Omnibus Survey Enquiry

*Nationally Representative? What do you mean? To ensure that you have the confidence that the results of the omnibus are indicative of the entire population of New Zealand, we ensure that those who complete the survey match the demographic fallout of the population based upon their age, gender and where they live.