Redeem Rewards

Looking to redeem your rewards?

You can redeem your points once you reach 1,000 points, so the first step is to check your points balance - CLICK HERE


If you are over 1,000 points then congratulations!  you're reward can be requested.


How do I redeem?

Simply email us at once you reach 1000 points or more, and we will process a gift card for you - this usually takes up to 2 working days. 


Where do I login to the website?

Following member feedback we no longer have a website where you can log in or an account that you actively manage as members simply weren't using it.
You can still find out all your details and balance quickly and easily though and we have simply made the process more efficient by moving everything to email. So if you wish to view your points and redeem just follow the step above.


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